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New To Hockey?

Getting Started With Pelham Hockey

Has your child has completed a Learn To Play program or shown interest in getting involved with ice hockey?  

Our 8U program, along with our older age groups,  is open to all skill levels.  The goal of our program is to roster any child that wants to play and develop and encourage them in a fun and challenging environment.  If you're unsure what are group your child would be in or if your child is older - don't worry!  Contact us and we can help.

At the 8U age level  we have teams from beginner to advanced.  This allows us to provide an opportunity for a child of any skill level to play the game in a fun, challenging and competitive environment.   Through time on the ice and hard work, players develop their skill sets.  The hard work and the fun of the game lead to improvement.  That creates a cycle that repeats itself all season long.  With our coaching staff leading the way, we work on guiding them through the basics of the game and fostering the important values of hard work, team work and sportsmanship that can lead to a life long love of the game.

Games at the 8U level are played half ice (two games at one time) or cross ice (three games at one time) and are 4 v 4 with a goalie.  This allows the players to develop the basic skills and understanding of the game on playing surface that is a manageable size for their skills.

Our full season program starts in September and runs through mid-March.  We practice on weekdays, twice a week.  Practices are 60 - 70 minutes long and usually start between 5 PM and 6 PM.  One practice is run by our volunteer coaches and one practice is run by Nates Hockey (, a professional coaching company, which focuses on advancing their skating skills.  We play our games on the weekend.  Starting in 2021/2022, all teams are playing in the league at Chelsea Piers in CT one day a weekend.  We also schedule games with other locals teams.  Home games are at The Ice Hutch and we do travel for away games.  Most games are within a 30 minutes drive, however, we do occasionally schedule games as far as 90 minutes away (Don’t worry - that’s not often).  Games at Chelsea Piers are between 7 AM and 11 AM.  Our home games at The Ice Hutch start at 7 AM.  Away games start times do vary by team/location.

If your child has completed a Learn To Play program this would be the next step for them.  If your child has some skating / hockey experience but you’re unsure if this is a right fit, please email us and we can discuss options.

If you have any additional questions about the program, we encourage you to email us at  We’re here to help!